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Rentec is a small business located in Florida that specializes in system administration and networks. We began providing Michigan businesses with services in 2007 and today, many years later, we have grown to include several clients nationwide. At Rentec, our primary goal is to provide the highest quality of custom solutions at the most competitive prices.

Whether you need a cutting edge solution for your business or network,Rentec can design the perfect solution for your needs. Our technical staff consists of highly qualified individuals with over 20 years of experience building and servicing servers and networks. 

Network Integration
To improve your business productivity, consolidate all of your communication needs including faxing, data sharing, printing, email and Internet onto one computer network. Rentec can analyze your network needs and advise you on the best products to help you maximize productivity. Residential networking services are also available.

At Rentec customer service comes first. We back all of our services and products with the highest level of customer care. We don't expect you to understand everything about computers, and for that reason we take the time to explain our services in layman terms when necessary. Confused about a product? Don't hesitate to ask our associates any questions that come to mind.


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